…and thousands cheered
Apr 25th, 2003 by wrekehavoc

well, just came back from the midwife. my OB now has two midwives on staff, so lucky me, i get to meet them both at one point or another in case one of them ends up holding the catcher’s mitt on The Big Day. she is concerned that i am still having shortness of breath, though it is most likely due to the fact that i am, oh, er, i dunno, PREGNANT. so anyway, i get to visit my primary care next week so that we can laugh about it.

also, in about 2 weeks, i get to go for my 36 week sonogram. little flipper right now seems like he is in breech position, which would really, really suck. however, i am not too concerned yet, as he has plenty of time to flip around in there before people start getting nervous. if he still remains breech, i get to go into the hospital and have something called an aversion done. i’ll let our friends at disney explain this one. she asked, how big was your other baby?

i told her, 6 pounds, 9 ounces.

and then, the immortal quote.

“this ain’t no 6 pound baby, lady.”

i can barely contain my joy.

a few observations
Apr 24th, 2003 by wrekehavoc

in no particular order. and totally random.

1) the lilac bush has two blooms on it. it didn’t really bloom last year, so i am very excited. lilacs are my favorites, along with tulips.

2) people try to make money on EBAY by inflating their shipping costs. this is obnoxious. i think i weirded out someone because i combined shipping and didn’t charge any extra. she was expecting i add handling charges or some sort of bullshit like that.

3) i bought a diaper genie today. (and no, not a used one off Ebay but a fresh, spanking new one.) omg, i am going to have to actually change diapers again. eek.

4) tuesday was our wedding anniversary. lucky #13. we started out the day poorly, but i think things are much better now. maybe we will get to celebrate it next week.

5) hungry pregnant women should not go to Target when easter candy is 75% off. i don’t even want to begin to tell you how much candy i bought. let’s just say that i am a little insane over cadbury easter eggs and leave it at that.

6) my daughter is just the cutest child on the planet. the other night, she asked me why she can’t have “bits” like daddy has. (“bits” = “naughty bits,” to be said with a pythonesque flair.) i told her that she has lady body parts like i have, and that is cool because she can grow up and have babies, just like me, if she wants to have them. but she better wait to have them until she is married, like me. (gotta get that moral message in there, huh πŸ˜‰ she seemed satisfied by that.

we nearly ended up in the “where do babies come from” conversation, but i managed to table that one… for now…

Apr 22nd, 2003 by wrekehavoc

it makes me nauseous reading about how lee malvo laughed when he talked about shooting linda in the head.

and of course his attorneys want all of this testimony thrown out.

i personally would like to see malvo and muhammed thrown out. painfully.

okay, and i couldn't help this, either.
Apr 14th, 2003 by wrekehavoc

Paul McCartney
You are Paul McCartney! You are still touring
today. You are one of the best bass players of
all time and have written tons of great music.
Yeah, some of it is rather corny, but you’re
great nonetheless.

?? “Which Beatle are you?”??
brought to you by Quizilla

i cannot help myself.
Apr 14th, 2003 by wrekehavoc

The Spanish Inquisition
You are the Spanish Inquisition sketch! Nobody
expects you!

Which Monty Python’s Flying Circus Sketch are You?
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happy birthday, dad
Apr 11th, 2003 by wrekehavoc

today is my dad’s birthday. i could talk for weeks about how much i love the guy. but suffice to say, he’s the tops in my book.

he made a mix CD for BC when we were last up visiting. seems BC likes some of the music that he likes. it’s a lot of Beach Boys classics, “tomorrow” from annie, “rawhide”, and BC’s absolute favorite, “jump In the line,” a calypso classic by harry belafonte that is known in our house as “shake, shake, shake senora.” BC, as well as her cousin Jake, absolutely groove on this ricky-ricardo-gone-wild-type tune.

so, if anyone wonders where i got my ability and inclination to make extremely eclectic mix tapes, one need look no further than my dear old dad πŸ™‚

Apr 8th, 2003 by wrekehavoc

people actually sell used diaper genies on Ebay.

i just felt the need to share that.

signs from G-d
Apr 7th, 2003 by wrekehavoc

you all can think i am weird. i really could care less. cos i had an epiphany, or a sign from G-d, or whatever you want to call it.

there’s a name that has been the front-runner for this baby boy of mine. i haven’t mentioned it much to many people. but i always wonder – is it too unusual, or too weird? will he be stigmatized? will he loathe his father and me for giving him this name?

anyway, today, i was at El Gigante (Giant), the supermarket. i seem to spend plenty of time there. anyhow, i hadn’t actually been there in weeks, so i had a pretty huge cartload of stuff… and heavy stuff, to boot. the constant picking up and putting down and stooping led me to have some massive contractions. in short, i was not a happy person. the cart was incredibly full and heavy; and as i walked out into the rainy parking lot, all i could do was sigh and think about how wonderful it was going to be to lift all of that stuff into, and then out of, my trunk. i wasn’t even looking for help, i was so downhearted.

a young man who works at Giant walked over to me. he is one of those guys who collects carts from the parking lot and helps people load purchases into their cars. i am not sure whether he has any other challenges, but he has an intense stutter. he gave me a smile and said, “mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmm mmmm’am?”

i looked up. “yes?”

“mmm mmm mm mmm mm mm..”

i fought the urge to finish his sentence. i thought that would be rude and demeaning. so i stood there for a few seconds in the rain.

he continued. “mmay i help you?”

“i would be delighted if you could,” i responded.

and he took my cart, pushed it to my car, and loaded my trunk. he wouldn’t let me bend to the bottom of the cart to get the heavy stuff, either. “no, maam, please lllet me do it.”

i know it sounds like nothing, but i really, really appreciated the help. it came at a perfect time, like someone upstairs knew i really, truly needed assistance. i looked at the man’s badge to thank him.

his badge read: julian.

julian is the name we have been seriously contemplating as the name for our boy for months.

i think Someone is trying to tell me something πŸ™‚

separation of church and state?
Apr 4th, 2003 by wrekehavoc

people who have known me for a long time know that the one issue that makes me go ballistic is separation of church and state. in college, i ended up being known as the “yule log lady” because i went nuts over a ceremony at my college (part of a state university) that had religious material in it.

now i read that the state of florida has published a pamphlet, “a christian response to AIDS.” it apparently has all of this “what would jesus do” malarky in it.


and yes, i was screaming there.

the ACLU is asking Florida to cease and desist.

you know, i am not anti religion. and surely, people with deadly diseases like AIDS may find incredible comfort in the bosom of their church, mosque, synagogue, or other spiritual oasis. but the state has no place spending taxpayer dollars this way.

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