guilty pleasure monday: isn't it time (the babys)
May 12th, 2008 by wrekehavoc

(oh hush, you human spell-checks out there. that’s really how they spelled babys.)

Isn’t It Time is a powerful little gem of a mid/late-1970s song: fantastic hook, great backup singers, fun horn section, and of course, ginger-haired-wonder-himself, john waite. (you’ll probably remember him from one-time inescapable MTV hit Missing You and the more forgettable Bad English song When I See You Smile, both of which came later and probably still grace a lite FM station near you.) two songs from movies (If Anybody Had a Heart and Change) in the 1980s also became hits.

sometimes, i have a hard time separating it from Every Time I Think of You, another babys single which came afterwards.

but i can. and i do.

what i can’t seem to understand is how this guy didn’t become bigger. he has a unique voice that is filled with emotion. he wrote chart-friendly material at the time.

and of course, he had…the hair.

now of course, he has a lot more hair.

but i like to think back to when he looked like a red version of this:

that’s probably what did it. see, he had the hair to be a punk back in the late, great 70’s, but his material was too melodic. in the music industry, image is all, i guess. (that would explain the success of a lot of people. but i won’t digress at the moment.)

all’s i can say is that i love a guy whose hair sticks up. see, my hair used to look like that, too (though it’ll be a very cold and bitter day when i post pictures.) so, for today’s embarrassing imagery, just imagine me singing it at the top of my lungs in the car.

cos i do.

(windows closed, of course.)

May 8th, 2008 by wrekehavoc

our house is stress central.

one child had to get two immunizations yesterday. a child who has a limited pain threshold. i won’t mention names, but it’s a girl child. a girl child who was star of the week one minute but then not necessarily star of the pediatrician’s office the next. her hand started hurting her, along with the shot sites. tylenol was not helping. my brother-the-doctor indicated that perhaps a nerve was hit, but not a biggie. still, not a pretty afternoon.

one spouse had to work. he had to work a lot. he had to work a lot again. he called at 4:45 pm to share that we needed to go downtown to pick up one other child at school. school ends at 6 p.m. this is the height of DC rush hour, coming AND going. am i happy yet?

no. not hardly.

downtown we drove in a rush, the unhappy and now-in-pain immunized person and i. we made it in record time. my parking pass was confiscated, as i need a new 2008 one. it is now may. but nice security people let me park anyway, as the worst security threat we pose is one girl reenacting the exorcist. (i’ll let you wonder which one. the answer is not as simple as it might seem.)

we make it to one hellboy’s school. a hellboy who apparently as of late has made a career of knocking around some of the toddlers in the morning. (just cause.) someone is acting out. someone who might be a pissed-off palooka. but knocking babies around like inflatable punching bags is unacceptable behavior around here.

fortunately, today was not a punching-other-children sort of day. it was merely a spending-time-holding-hands-with-my-main-girlfriend sort of day. yes. the boy is in love. and he’s in love with a girl named condoleezza.

not this one (though i suspect she may be named for her. but i don’t know for certain.) ah. only in DC.

but he listened. and he behaved.

am i happy yet?

not quite. but a little better.

we three rush home, rushing in a rush hour way. which means not exactly speeding down constitution avenue. it doesn’t help that the woman driving in front of me is driving like hunter s. thompson is her co-pilot. wouldn’t it be funny if we got home and daddy’s car was in the driveway? BC joked.

don’t push me, little girl.

of course, BS wasn’t home when we got home. and i had not even cooked dinner. when it’s after 6 and dinner isn’t even started, and people are climbing the walls in search of something edible, it is time to visit mr. freezer to see what magic he holds. lucky for me, there was a wegmans veggie lasagna languishing, ever since i bought it and BS said: ew. no one is going to eat THAT. tough times call for tough measures. (and i say that in this house, if you’re not home, you don’t get to pick dinner.) that sucker was going in the microwave.

miraculously, the kids loved it. we’re talking BC, aka miss picky-picky of the western world, asked for seconds. the only criticism i got about it was that there were carrots in it, according to jools. (i don’t have the heart to tell them that there was also spinach and mushrooms. jools loves them, but BC hates both of those.)

am i happy yet? getting closer.

i get kids bathed; i read some chapters of some inscrutable Bionicle book we found at the elementary school fair last weekend. i medicate a certain older child with the zillion different things she requires thanks to her magical lungs… and immunizations. in case i have forgotten, she is IN PAIN. she CAN’T MOVE HER ARMS.

do all moms have days like this?

i start hellboy into bed. it’s 8:00. BS comes home.


well, so much for that mission accomplished. at this point, BS is speaking in monosyllabic grunts. he has had a long day. he has had a long, not-so-good day. he has had a long, not-so-good, and apparently hungry day. did you eat yet? i believe he grunted in the negative. enjoy the lasagna!

i get the boy into bed. i get the girl into bed. she’s in pain, so i get her something from the freezer to help at least one of her arms. in vain, of course.

BS says goodnight to the girl. BS says goodnight to the boy. after a few minutes of decomposing, as we call it in this house, BS announces he’s going to bed.


meanwhile, there’s one little girl who can’t sleep. in the morning, she’ll let me know that she was UP. ALL. NIGHT. but i waited, and i waited until she fell asleep before i went up to bed. so i know she was at least asleep for 30 seconds of the night.

on the bright side, little man went to sleep like a champ.

lately, i am so exhausted. i feel completely wrung out. tomorrow, i go for some more IVIG, and hopefully that will help me keep from getting sick. see, when i get wrung out, i get sick. no one around here gets that. moms are supposed to just keep going and going and going. but i have to just stop sometimes. if i don’t stop some times, i will stop. for good.

fortunately, this morning, i awoke and thought about a little boy in this house who likes to sing a certain song. how BS found out about this group, i don’t know. but jools is completely hooked on the hook of this song, called Nth Degree.

i found it on youtube. and everyone gathered around. even BS.

and suddenly, there was the remedy. it was just a few minutes, but we actually were all smiling. we were all happy.

even me.

and that dang bird is still trying to get into our house.

baby i'm a star
May 7th, 2008 by wrekehavoc

this week, miss thang is the classroom star of the week.

star student
the kids listened with rapt attention about how girlfriend has been in the washington post (twice!), likes to play softball, has an annoying little brother (who, contrary to what one child thought, is not wearing a skirt in the picture on the board), has pet a snake at busch gardens (in tampa, not williamsburg), has walked the plank on a pirate ship off grand cayman (where’s the plank? the boys wanted to know), has a bunny named ba-ba (because that’s how she pronounced it back then, even though he’s really Pat The Bunny), has a poem that took second prize at the county fair, and knows that there’s a place called hell. in grand cayman.

(her teacher promised to direct all parent inquiries about BC’s use of a bad word to me.)

she also showed a picture of herself at club med in florida. and, of course, we showed the video of her dancing with X. the resident beatles fan in the class came up to me afterwards. that’s hard rock! he annouced authoritatively.

and of course, i am a music snob to the end, even with a nine year old. no, sweetie, it’s punk. hard rock leans more toward metal.

he looked at me slightly puzzled. i know what he was thinking: uh, yeah BC’s mom. whatever.

anyway, madam did a great job answering questions and taking comments. of course, every day, she’s a star around here. along with hellboy, of course.

not a bad life, eh?

welcome to the house of fun
May 6th, 2008 by wrekehavoc

between my fabled lack of sleep, my mountain of checklist items to accomplish, my shuttling of children to doctors 40 miles away, and my general annoyance with the human race, we are, in fact, living in the house of fun.

(don’t you want to come over and play?)

apparently, this bird does.


this bird continues to smack into the window near my kitchen table. awhile back, i put up a picture on this window to show birds that they actually cannot fly through the glass. but this dude is a persistent bugger.

i don’t know why anyone would want to come in here.

guilty pleasure monday: nervous night (the hooters)
May 5th, 2008 by wrekehavoc

guilty pleasure monday time!

this week, we’ll meander down memory lane with a band i listened to as a wee tike of 15. the hooters were a band out of philly, and in 1980, they started to get a ton of airplay on my beloved station WMMR (rrrrrrockin’ phil. a. delphia. pity how bad the station sucks today.)

ah yes. there’s always some weirdness when you like a band, and yet no one outside of your listening area has ever heard of them. no one in miami had a clue who the hooters were; no one except for the few south jersey/philly refugees, that is. but i just knew there was some sort of chutzpah in a band that actually played a melodica (or hooter) in their songs. (yeah. i’ll be the one cheering on the person who raps to bach. just you wait.) besides, some of the guys were cuuuuute. (which matters to the average teen. even the ones who tell you it doesn’t.)

that all ended when they somehow got HUGE in the mid 1980s. Nervous Night exploded on the charts, and suddenly, everyone had heard of them. drunk frat boys were bouncing to And We Danced. i nearly swatted my friend leifer every time Hangin on a Heartbeat came on, as he repeatedly uttered the line: this ain’t no quiz game, ya know like some meaningful mantra. people especially loved to tout that two members of the band had co-written Cyndi Lauper’s monster hit Time After Time. admittedly, i cannot stand to hear All You Zombies (although i did rewrite the lyrics to describe the family of someone i didn’t like very much at that time — and yes, teen-aged moi used very ignorant words at the time. i’ll refrain.

now then.

my very favorite on the album is actually a cover of an old arthur lee and love song, She Comes in Colors (which was subsequently ripped off by madonna (listen and you’ll see) with Beautiful Stranger.) yep. loved them, and actually love that energetic cover (and those of you who follow my musical rants know i am highly critical of covers.) loved when i saw them play at Live Aid in the city of cheesesteaks phreindly phans little bill brotherly love. (yes. i. was. there. in. the. thousand-degree. heat.)

where did those children go?

apparently, they became big in europe, akin to the musical equivalent to jerry lewis. (or would that be david hasselhoff?) they split for awhile. one member, eric bazilion, basically put together a kick-ass album for joan osborne in 1996, including writing One of Us, prompting me to look at people to this very day wondering whether they might be G-d, especially if the person is just a slob (like one of us.) others continued in music. then bam! they got back together. they are currently supporting their newest album on tour. bummed i missed them; it would have been a fun night.

but i’m no longer some teenybopper who can just go off and see a show. had i trekked out without a babysitter lined up, it would have been my own personal nervous night.


chocolate cake
May 2nd, 2008 by wrekehavoc

mamabird has inspired me to share a cake picture, just as she did earlier this week.

there’s a cake baking contest at BC’s school, part of the elementary school fair cakewalk program. the kids play a sort of musical chairs, and the winner of each round gets to pick a cake from the voluminous bunch of cakes. there’s also an award for best cake in each grade.

BC and i were looking through our latest Family Fun magazine and were inspired by a little food craft. we decided to make it into a cake.

presenting: our sushi cake!

sushi cake

pity someone probably won’t appreciate it. but it sure was fun to make!

and today, we’ll be making another cake, as the class with the most cakes contributed wins an ice cream party.

can you say: sugar, sugar, SUGAR!

talk talk
May 2nd, 2008 by wrekehavoc

i’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to be interviewed on about being a person who uses the internet to help me with my condition, AKA CVID. you can read about it here.

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