egregious '80s music: party all the time (eddie murphy)


in the mid-1980s, eddie murphy was hotter than a jalapeno in the desert. riding a wave of popularity from his stint on saturday night live (a stint i adored), murphy was now headlining clubs and starring in wildly popular  movies. unlike most actors when asked what they want to do next (answer: direct), murphy decided to tackle the music industry. pulling in superfreak rick james, murphy cut a single in 1985, party all the time.

when i first heard the single, i thought it was a joke.

seriously? he’s singing? man, his voice is so high in a way that screams my circulation is cut off in strategic places. i kept waiting for the jokey part; i remembered him singing in his buckwheat voice, in his roxanne voice… and when he sang kill the white people, well that just nearly made me lose it laughing. so where is the joke in party all the time???

apparently, the joke was on me. it became a hit. and since then, it has actually been covered by other artists.

on the bright side, it became a sort of anthem here when we were parents of kids learning to use the bathroom. suddenly, you could hear me break into song:

my girl wants to potty all the time, potty all the time, potty all the time!

(BC will kill me when she reads this, but she was only two at the time, so get over it, young lady.)

7 thoughts on “egregious '80s music: party all the time (eddie murphy)

  1. Yes! I’m glad you hit this one. It came to mind recently, and I thought to myself, “now there’s an awful 80s song.” And you covered it brilliantly.

    I think I may have sung the “potty all the time” version, myself.

  2. scarily, there is a now a band called “i was a king.” they are named after a late-period eddie murphy song! pathetic.

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