you never give me your money

as my MIL always says, class shows — no matter how low.

unhappy with her ex-husband’s lawyer, heather mills decided to throw water all over fiona shackleton, former solicitor for paul mccartney during their less-than-collegial proceedings. this, after being granted about $48 million dollars after only four years of marriage… oh, and that figure doesn’t include money for their child beatrice’s education and protection, jewelry, and important works of art. and no, we don’t mean some candlesticks from the wedding — this means works by warhol, haring, john lennon, and julian schnabel. not too shabby.

the UK papers are having a field day with her latest ranting: it’s hard to pick which is better:

The former model’s face is all over today’s front pages, accompanied by unfavourable if funny headlines after she was awarded £24m in the couple’s acrimonious divorce. The Sun excels with “Mucca chucksa cuppa water over Macca’s lawyer Shacka“. The Mirror plumps for “Wet it be“.

all the laughter aside, what i find appalling about this case is that mills’ rants are so self-centered. it’s all about her. when she speaks of beatrice, apparently conceived immaculately, as she is always her child, she worries that the little girl will not be able to travel first-class like her dad does. i suspect sir paul won’t let beatrice languish — heather is fighting to have information about what paul will pay for bea’s care kept private –  but one does wonder — if she’s concerned about stuff like that, what about all the acrimonious things that may end up as public record down the line? what happens when bea reads that stuff? what is she to think? and will mills poison the child against her father?

in every breakup, everyone shares some piece of the blame. macca i am sure has contributed to the breakdown of this union. but mills bizarre public behavior, ranting, and obnoxiousness generally makes one wonder whether she got what she deserved? she probably got more than she deserved. as a feminist, i am somewhat appalled by those who would stand up for her and say that she is a deserving partner in all of this. these are monies earned long before she entered the picture. what makes her entitled to them? i don’t begrudge the child a thing, but the mother?


so sad, so sad. it’s just another day.

7 thoughts on “you never give me your money

  1. I completely agree! Also, I just read your post from yesterday and I’ll confess right here that I like Styx’s Lady too! ;o)

  2. as a soon to be freshly-minted lawyer, i say this: as long as she pays her hefty bill and gives me my percentage of that $48 mil, she’s welcome to throw whatever substance she wants over my head. i’ll take a shower and laugh all the way to the dry cleaner’s (and then the bank).

  3. hey mike – she threw the water over macca’s lawyer’s head. she represented herself, an incredibly swift move when you’re talking about billions of dollars 😉

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