strange dreams

last night, i dreamt that i had a job in Newark, NJ. in my dream, there were two NJ Transit trains to Newark – one went to one station, and one went to another station. both went to crappy parts of newark (i imagine there are nice parts of newark, though i have scarcely seen them). anyway, one train took me more directly to my job, the other required an additional change. i kept on getting on one train. then i got on the other train. i couldn't find the right train to take to get to work on time.

now. what the hell is THAT all about? and why newark?

the night before, i had a dream that would be right at home in any Coen brother's movie. i can't even begin to describe that one, though. too complicated, and, now that i am awake, too weird to even contemplate.

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