I'm Mighty! by Kate Mcmullan and Jim Mcmullan

got a preschooler, especially of the male kind? then you need the McMullans. they absolutely get the favorite feelings of little kids — i’m tough, i’m stinky, and i’m dirty. what kid doesn’t want to be those? different vehicles show how you don’t have to be big to be cool. i especially love reading i’m mighty with a new york accent. it drives jools up the wall, but i don’t care. their writing is so authentic and wonderful, it makes me happy to pretend i’m gross, too.

(remember. i said p r e t e n d. i don’t want word to get out that i’m unclean.)

I’m Mighty!

I Stink!

I’m Dirty!

4 thoughts on “I'm Mighty! by Kate Mcmullan and Jim Mcmullan

  1. I have three boys, yet I’ve never heard of these books. How is that possible? They are mighty. They do stink, and they are occasionally dirty. Go figure.

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