things that make you go "hmmm"

the four of us made our way through macy’s cosmetics area last night on our way to dinner at Ted’s. my third grade reader grrl, BC, looked at a bottle she passed.

mama, what’s better than buttocks?

WHAT? i replied, wondering where the hell that came from. (is it a trick question?)

that bottle. it says better than buttocks.

i took a look. and giggled. uh, no, honey. that would be better than botox.

reading is fundamental.

3 thoughts on “things that make you go "hmmm"

  1. Love it! K asked me the other day: “Mama, why did The Beast make Belle’s father President?” erm…what? I am well-schooled enough in all things Disney to know there is no President in Beauty and the Beast… Anyway… “no, no, mama, the President was in jail…” “well, honey, the President *should* be in jail but he’s not…and he’s not a Disney character — he’s a Looney Tune.” But I digress… Turns out she meant PRISONER… 😀

  2. That gave me a much-needed chuckle. Botox is big here in my neck of the woods: either i know someone who’s had it or someone’s spouse who dispenses it. In fact, my own spouse uses it to paralyze the esophageal sphincter open in patients with swallowing problems. More than you wanted to know.

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