guilty pleasure monday: lady (styx)

i’m really going to get laughed off the internet for this one. or at least sent to hell via a certain river.

no, not the chickenmaster’s lady. not lay lady lay (which makes me want to vomit — what the hell was dylan thinking? was this recorded pre- or post-motorcycle incident?) not even layla, a fantastic ode to patti boyd harrison clapton boyd-again.

we’re talking styx here, people. lady. as sung by dennis de young, maybe vocally separated at birth from my very favourite professional poker player, daniel negreanu.

i love this song. and it ought to be against some law for anyone else to sing it.

i glommed onto this song when i was a wee lass of nine. there was something cool about it — it was slow and pretty, and, at the same time, it was fast and rrrrrockin’. (yeah. for those of you under the age of 40, that’s how people talked in the 1970’s. far out, man!) i remember being reminded of the song one night when i heard it while watching a late, lamented show, freaks and geeks.

and i hearted it all over again, much to the chagrin of my BS, who probably prefers something like, uh, i dunno, mr. roboto.

which just goes to show you. styx, in one way or another, is probably on everyone’s guilty pleasure list.

anyone over 40, that is.

9 thoughts on “guilty pleasure monday: lady (styx)

  1. Hey, Lady, I was going to do a Styx song for my song today! Now I have to come up with something else! Well, it was not going to be Lady, but that is a great song. I have always loved Styx and I think that Dennis De Young is one of the best male voices ever.

  2. I get on a Styx kick every now and again. Nothing wrong with that.

    And, thanks to you, Lady has wormed its way into my brain for the remainder of the day.

  3. …that’s why i’m here 😉

    seriously, i just like my bataan death march down memory lane as much as the next gal; why not just drive some awful drivel so that it’s stuck in someone else’s brain as much as it is mine 😉 (although freaks and geeks was definitely not drivel in my book 🙂

  4. Styx rrrrrocks! I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve seen them in concert multiple times (with Dennis, without Dennis, with Tommy, without Tommy…). There isn’t one person in the house who isn’t singing “Lady” when that song gets started.

    Except, of course, my dear husband, who starts doing Jerry Lewis impressions. ::rolls eyes::


    Just in case you missed that post last month 🙂 I might just be able to identify with you on this one! I love Dennis De-Young’s voice and was bummed he is no longer touring with them, but at least I saw them on the Paradise Theater tour. And Tommy Shaw still looks too young for his age and James Young still looks scary as all hell – would NOT want to run into him anywhere – let along a dark alley).

  6. VERY cool! i must have internalized that posting somehow. tommy shaw always looked like a boy. i bet he’ll be 100 and look like a boy 🙂

  7. It’ supposed to be a guilty pleasure? oops – who knew?

    Come Sail Away, baby!

  8. i must admit that i’ve occasionally liked listening to Styx on the radio, my faves being Come Sail Away and Fooling Yourself. However, Dennis DeYoung’s voice makes me cringe, despite the catchiness of Lady.

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