month of 70’s GPM: take the long way home (supertramp)

it was a tough choice. but i know i’m bloody well right.

take the long way home would be a great song in and of itself. listening to it, however, makes me feel a bit maudlin. i always think about a murder that took place in my hometown in the ’80s. a fine upstanding member of the community, rob marshall, apparently killed his wife maria via contract to collect on an insurance policy. the evidence showed that he had been having an affair and apparently wanted to live happily and wealthily without mrs. marshall.

i still get shivers when i drive past the area where his set-up murder scenario went down. i also can barely look at the hotel where the alleged trysts took place. ick. so. very. sordid. and. awful. mr. marshall is currently eligible for parole in 2014.

anyway, the case became a book which, in turn, became an emmy nominated movie.

so what on earth does this have to do with take the long way home? apparently, maria marshall loved that song, and there’s a dramatic moment in the movie where her eldest son roby figures out that his dad offed his mom, thanks to the song. i never knew maria marshall (though if gossip be true, i knew who the paramour was), but whenever i hear this song, i think sadly of a bunch of boys whose dad was insane enough to kill their mom.

(incidentally, joanna kerns, who played maria in the movie, ended up introducing roby marshall to her growing pains co-star, tracey gold, who later married marshall. cue weird music here.)

anyway, guess i’ve shared not a lot about supertramp, a fabulous british prog-rock import with a roster of songs to make any band green with envy: dreamer (which plays in my head whenever i think of a pal of mine); the logical song; and probably the song that comes neck-and-neck with take the long way home for a place in my heart, give a little bit, which ends up being borrowed for a lot of charitable causes. (i cannot stand the cover of the latter done by the goo goo dolls, even if it was for a relief effort. the band messed up the words, for starters…)

various attempts of the band to get back together haven’t exactly resulted in a lasting musical production. pity, as the davies and hodgson team provided a clever point-counterpoint in their work together.

9 thoughts on “month of 70’s GPM: take the long way home (supertramp)

  1. You know, I need to get my hands on a Supertramp Hits album now. I love all of these songs. And, yes, Dreamer is near and dear to my birth certificate driver’s license john hancock heart. Glad I can swim around in your head on occasion. 😉

    So sad about the tie-in with Long Way Home, though I do love that song, too.

  2. you know the rest of the song has nothing to do with you, right? i cannot picture you putting your hands in your head. it’s just the title, ya know 🙂 <3

  3. My older brothers were heavily into Supertramp so their albums were very much part of the soundtrack of my childhood. I don’t know if I can even pick a fave…I loved all the songs you mentioned…plus Fools Overture, School, Goodbye Stranger…ooh, now I’ve gotta go looking for some Supertramp on the iPod…

  4. Great choice! I love that song.

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who automatically thinks of that movie when I hear the song. I used to spend a lot of time in Normandy Beach, so I’m familiar with that area. Such an awful case. I hope he never gets paroled.

  5. I Loves The Supertramp, Too! Discovered them in 1979 when The Logical Song was a big hit. Had all their albums within a couple of years of that. When I studied music briefly in the early 80’s I learned many of their songs on guitar and a tried to learn couple on piano (never quite got to that proficiency). The only records I don’t have by them are the more recent ones from the late 90’s and beyond. Yes they are still going…but without the author of many of their hits.

  6. “take the long way home” was in freaks & geeks as well – and used to wonderful effect.

    true confession #978: i loved supertramp contemporaneously to loving the ramones. i think it was the lyrics. i’ve always had a thing for depressing lyrics, and _crime of the century_ has a worldview that was so depressing as to rival joy division. i mean, “school?” “bloody well right?” it doesn’t get more hopeless than that.

  7. What movie was that where they showed Joanna Kerns, I believe driving away, with ‘take the long way home’ playing in the background?

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