last week, my brother Middlebro (who you all learned to loathe during november’s blatantly bad 70s music fest), lost his home to a fire which started in a neighbor’s home and spread to his.

and no, not this kind:

he is in the throes of listing all his belongings for the insurance company and looking for a new place to live while they rebuild the condo.  all the while, he has had a fantastic attitude about the whole thing. i mean, it has got to be a colossal pain in the ass to completely take all your worldy possessions and figure out plan B. all in a day.

if it were me, i’d probably still be half-way through some ben and jerry’s.

in short, i’m impressed.  (even in spite of the fact that he’s politically to the right of attila the hun. )

[sorry i’m not funny today. i will discover my funny bone later this week. i hope.]

5 thoughts on “fire

  1. It’s hard, but human beings are resilient. We muddle through. It is such a huge job to go through the process of buying everything new while at the same time filling out all the reams of Insurance info you need to provide in order to get the money you need. I remember for each item we had to list when we bought it, estimate it’s original price, and then estimate what it would cost to replace. Hmmm…I wonder how much grandma paid for that crystal pickle dish she gave my parents in 1965?

    I dunno if it’ll help, but here’s a post I wrote about our family’s experience with dealing with a fire almost two decades ago:

    I still think of it all the time…still mourn the precious things that I lost. But I focus on the fact that my parents and I made it out okay.

    Your funny bone will come in very handy in all this. I don’t think my family would have gotten over our fire as well as we didn’t if we hadn’t continued to joke and make light of the situation as much as we could.

    Hope your brother is able to deal with insurance and all that with a minimum of fuss and red tape. I wish him the best…even if he is politically to the right of attila the hun. 😉

  2. My condolences to all the cool shit I’m sure your brother lost in the fire. I imagine the souls of many blatantly bad 70s tunes are hovering above his condo searching for the light of the disco ball to guide them home. But, again, glad he came out physically fine.

    Right of Attila the Hun? Really? That makes me sad.

    Oh, and your funny bone? I think it has made off with my funny bone and their off tossing around in some boiling vat of Funny Bone Soup somewhere. (see. my funny? splitsville.)

  3. I hope things settle quickly for him. And I know your funny bone is still in there; it’s probably just cold. Spring is coming (regardless of what a large rodent may have said earlier this week).

    Better things to all of you, Miss Wreke!

    — Laurie

  4. What a pitty! Great that is attitude is good. That helps.
    You can’t demand funny. Funny just comes. Wait for it. You are one of the funniest bloggers out there. No pressure. Wait for it.

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