guilty pleasure monday: ray of light (madonna)

i’ve been busted by my 5 year old.

let me clarify. i am the girl who put a no madonna clause in the DJ’s contract for my wedding. i am the girl who loathed all the wannabes who seemed to flourish everywhere i looked during 1984-6. i am the girl who pretty much can’t stand 98% of ms. ciccone’s musical output. and when i read andrew morton’s biography of the, erhm, lady, it solidified everything i suspected about  Her (faux) Blondeness.

so why the hell does ray of light have a place on my mp3 player’s shuffle?

i think the first time i heard ray of light, i had just become a mother for the first time.  there was something so vital, so bouncy, so energetic about the song. parenthood had left me feeling sluggish, sloth-like, and nearly dead. how could this little creature who i loved more than life itself manage to suck the life out of me with her medical issues, her exhaustive needs, her never-ending wails?

and then, i heard this almost-trance-like sound from the TV. it was upbeat, it was exhilirating, it was… madonna? WTF? and yet here was a lady who was a relatively new mother — a single mother — and she was Doing. It. she was getting things done. (nevermind the fact that i’m quite sure she had an army of help. money changes everything.) it somehow connected with something in me.

i. could. do. this. too.

so quicker than a ray of light i snapped out of my foggy doledrums, little by little. basically, you might say that i felt like i just got home.

amusingly, hellboy adores this song, especially at the end, where madonna screams like she’s finally lost her mind.

so hellboy, this one’s for you.

(now don’t go telling people about how mommy also likes to hear bananafone by raffi, okay, or her already-laughable coolness rating will completely go down the tubes.)

6 thoughts on “guilty pleasure monday: ray of light (madonna)

  1. Did you purposely reference a Cyndi Lauper song in your rant about Madonna? I have grown to like Madonna, even borrowed her greatest hits from my sister and burned a copy of it. Still like Cyndi better, still would love to meet her in person.

  2. I heart older Madonna (lucky star, holiday). I missed out on the boy band craze. But somehow 4 minutes is on my mp3 player. JT, really? I like to think it’s because I’m a Madonna fan.

    I could see how if you had a taste in music when she came out she wouldn’t be your bag. But then again I listened to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. So, the early 80s weren’t so kind to me.

  3. I have a love/hate thing with Madonna. I definitely like more of her songs than you do, but when I don’t, I really HATE it!! This has always been one of my favorites of hers too.

  4. I tried to like Madonna since she’s from Detroit — even though she mostly ignores us here — but I just don’t. Sometimes I secretly listen to a select track that moves me from an artist I don’t like. Deep, dark, musical secrets.

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