pet peeve: people with no follow-through

why don’t they do what they say? say what they mean?

years and years ago, my sister in law inadvertently came up with a nickname for the kind of people my parents, my brothers, and i are. she called us boomerang people. what she meant: when we say we are going to do something, we come right back at you with whatever we said we were going to get or do.  it’s ingrained into our psyches. and it’s just how i thought all people operated. i’m fortunate i’m married to BS, who also always keeps his promises.

unfortunately, as i got older,  i learned that not everyone in the world was trained by my mom and dad.

i’m sure you have experienced that disappointment at work, at school, or with friends: people who just don’t do what they say they will. you were depending on john or jane to deliver, and he or she doesn’t. and you’re screwed. or disappointed. or both. sure, everyone has an off-day of course– sometimes, competing priorities win out.

but particularly if you are a parent, you simply must follow through. if you promise your child you’re going to the park, you go to the park. if you promise your child you’ll help with homework, you help with homework. and if you know you can’t or don’t want to do those things, very simply put:  don’t make those promises.

otherwise, you end up with one messed-up kid. and the consequences will boomerang back onto you and society, and probably not in a pleasant sort of way.

2 thoughts on “pet peeve: people with no follow-through

  1. Good one. I was just thinking about this one yesterday. I have an acquaintance who does this all the time. He says: I’ll lend you this book or I’ll stop by on Thursday or Let’s go see this movie together and …… never happens. Long ago I learned it’s just noise coming out of his mouth. I let it go in one ear and out the other.

  2. now see, MomZ, come live near me and i’ll be delighted to go see a film with you — i never get to see anything that’s not a kiddy movie these days!!! (thank Dog for netflix or i wouldn’t see anything at all.)

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