big empty

wow. inboxes can get pretty full.

i don’t often open my gmail account. everything gets forwarded to various places and all is well. but tonight, morbid curiosity had me fire up the old gmail to see what was happening… and what was happening was over 40,000 emails, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. well, not really kissing but merely clogging up my li’l corner of cyberspace.

::insert guilt here::

so i started thinking of the major offenders, to which i have subscribed and never cleared out… places like groupon, for example. ├é┬ásearch, delete, search, delete, etc. it gets pretty boringly addictive. can i make it below 39,ooo? can i make it below 38,000?

after about 30 minutes, i am only just about 35,000. how the hell did i get this many emails?

i live in fear for when i finally confront my facebook emails. that may require an intervention.

so see you when i come up for air. maybe when i hit 30,000.

One thought on “big empty

  1. I had a Yahoo account like that. I set it up during the adoption process. I got a little nutty and joined a bunch of adoption-related Yahoo groups. It quickly spun out of control with hundreds of e-mails daily. I just stopped opening the account and now it’s been suspended or canceled. A relief in a way but I missed some important e-mails, too.

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