attacks of the gpms: i’m free (soup dragons)

yes, children. a cover that kicks the original’s ass.

i love the stones. i put my 7 year old in a mick’s lips t-shirt. and there is no question how i feel about keef.

that being said, how i love the soup dragons’ cover of the stones’ i’m free. they take it to new places — a rappy, reggae place, a universe where i picture everyone dancing, grooving and having an amazing time. there are rainbows and people with multicolored braids, dancing for days. (yeah, i also imagine that there are probably people on ecstasy in the corner of that universe, but as long as they stay the hell out of my way, i will ignore them.)

when the stones sang it, i imagine mick shaking his little tambourine — or would that have been brian jones? — and the surprisingly uninspiring guitar solo winding it’s way through the middle of the song. frankly, it was fairly forgettable to me — until this cover came about in 1990. sure, it didn’t do a whole lot in the US charts, though it had plenty of airplay on my late lamented radio station WHFS. but i lurved it.

and i always loved junior reid, the guy yelling: don’t be afraid to feel freedom!

a few years back, chase used the song to advertise their freedom credit card. yeah, it made me feel old — there’s nothing worse than being obviously targeted for your age. but i decided to free my mind of that image.

i’ll just close my eyes, chair dance, and wonder what happened to the soup dragons. (yeah, i know, i know. teenage fan club. but i’m not digressing again. at least, not today.)


2 thoughts on “attacks of the gpms: i’m free (soup dragons)

  1. It was one of the 3 holy dance songs of 1990 for me. The ones that when they came on at a club dancing was required. Even if no one else was. Even if you were in, say the Limited at the time. The other two? EMF’s Unbelievable. and uh oh. Shoot. There was another one. Deeelite’s Groove is in the Heart? Maybe. I can’t believe I can’t remember the other one. Damn I’m old.

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