hateful songs: “my humps” (black eyed peas)

and now, here’s a song about an ass.

humps? is she a bird, a plane, or a camel? i have never heard a butt called a hump before. i’m guessing will.i.am or whoever is responsible for this POS song took the verb hump and decided that this was the body part he wanted to, er, hump. hmmm.

and the imagery? milk and cocoa puffs? 


in short, this is a puerile and vile piece of work. maybe if you are a moron who spends all your time watching porn and listening to what passes for popular hip-hop or dance music, this song makes sense. but i marvel that there are any women — ANY women — who would voluntarily sing this song. i mean, why don’t they just cut this song to the chase. the lyrics should be more like:

my ass, my ass

come f*** me up the ass.

just give me lots of money; you can f*** me up the ass.

they should just call this song spend all your money  i’ll let you f*** me up the ass. they can subtitle the song: ode to a prostitute. (of course, that’s sort of an insult to prostitutes worldwide.) hell — can’t you see this as a commercial for prostitutes?

also: lady lumps? WTF are lady lumps? does she have tumors or something? if women have lady lumps, what exactly would be the male equivalent? manly peninsula? the big dipper? (or little, i suppose, in some cases.) damn. bring back the day of hoo-hoos and dingalings, please.

so let me round this up. she is a camel growing large with bulbous, cancerous growths. you want your big (to be charitable) dipper to make personal contact with her fecal material. you’ll even pay for it with jewelry and expensive gifts.

really? you want a piece of that?


4 thoughts on “hateful songs: “my humps” (black eyed peas)

  1. I can’t believe I actually listened to that whole POS “song.” That’s worse than usual. (Really can’t believe a woman would sing that…)

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