attack of the gpms: get lucky (daft punk)

daft punk is playin’ at my house.

are you sick of robin thicke’s blurred lines yet? i don’t care if it’s the freaking song of the summer; i sure as hell have od’d on it (and i have only heard it for two days now. i’ve tried to avoid it, but when it shows up on the Today Show and i have to see al roker bumping and grinding, well, it has jumped the shark.) and no, i’ve got no kick against modern jazz crap pop. it’s very catchy pop, that is, if you don’t mind being called a bitch. but call me old-fashioned. if i am going to listen to a song about getting laid, i think i prefer something breezier. something that doesn’t insult me.

that’s where get lucky comes in.

sure, pharrell williams ends up on both of these songs, and he continues to laughlaughlaugh his way to the bank. i actually like his voice. but get lucky is a study in sunny, discofied summer music, the sort of stuff you might have on your radio while driving to the boardwalk.  this is not entirely surprising since nile le chic rodgers is a co-writer of the song. (can you HEAR that guitar? i’ll bet the ranch it’s niles.) it’s totally old skool, something i might have expected to listen to on Disco 92 WKTU.  and yet, there’s something so fresh about it. i have listened to it a jillion million times, and i am still not sick of it.

and hell. it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.

3 thoughts on “attack of the gpms: get lucky (daft punk)

  1. I’ve somehow managed to get this far into the summer and not yet hear Blurred Lines. I’m feeling quite smug about it, but I’m sure my luck will run out eventually. I have read the lyrics, so I feel I’ve shared in your suffering somewhat.

    Get Lucky I’ve heard a few times and it’s not a bad little song. It’s definitely got a 70’s vibe to it. I didn’t start to really love Get Lucky, though, till I heard this cover version of it.

    Makes me laugh every time I watch it.

  2. I *love* Get Lucky! Was focusing in on the various chord sounds to it just yesterday. That base has to be Nile!

    And yes, there are more than a few songs that have a 70s vibe to them on the radio this summer. Which means I love them of course 🙂 I’m not even totally sick of Robin Thicke yet.

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