month of 70’s gpms: instant karma (john lennon)

…just add water and stir. voila!

yes, the obvious john lennon choice would be imagine, one of the most beautiful songs i think i’ve ever heard in my life. blah blah blah. i just like to meander down the path least taken, do things slightly off-kilter. speaking of off-kilter, see yoko knit throughout this entire experience. knit, yoko, knit.

(oh, and to my beloved spouse, who probably would pick #9 dream… or maybe that’s revolution#9, only because he wishes to realize that dream of his: to pick #9 at a deli counter and then walk away, leaving the poor counter guy saying number 9? number 9? number 9? not picking it, hon.)

anyway, instant karma. what the hell was lennon thinking about here? he was thinking about creating a song and releasing it as instantly as possible. he wrote and recorded it the same day, and then he released the single 10 days later – a miracle for anyone who has ever known anything about the recording industry. there’s not much to the song, really;  it’s a simple song that can turn into an endless loop of an earworm if you’re not careful.

crazy trivia point for you crazy trivia people out there: stephen king apparently used part of the chorus of this song to name his novel. how he went from we all shine on to that cheerful, upbeat, happy tome we all know and love as the shining is anyone’s guess.

phil spector produced the song, which is apparent to me as it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom. he ended up doing a lot of production work for the beatles that year, 1970. i believe this was his first work with them. considering the beatles were not exactly pals at that point in time, i suspect lennon’s speedy work spoiled spector for the rest of the time, which dragged and dragged on immeasureably, i bet. spector’s karma couldn’t possibly have been too instant.

expectations management, people. it’s all about expectations management.

anyway, instant karma. instant guilty pleasure. of course you know who’ll be on the hook for tomorrow, don’t you?

3 thoughts on “month of 70’s gpms: instant karma (john lennon)

  1. I love all this trivia you add to the guilty pleasure posts. I’m learning all sorts of things to, oh I don’t know, land me a spot on Jeopardy. 😉

    And, shit, man, I wish instant karma would get some people. The real a-holes seems to dodge the karma somehow.

  2. Wait. I just watched the video. There’s a mic for Yoko’s knitting??? And, the bandage around her head is there why? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. I could write a book about Phil Spector’s mishandling of the Beatles music. I hope you have a copy of Let It Be…Naked so you can hear what that music should have sounded like!

    Anyway, decent song here (same can be said as your other post fab four tunes). I am waiting to see which of Sir Paul’s tunes you pick for tomorrow (there are just too many good ones to choose from!)

    BTW, what the f*** is with Yoko doing the blind knitting in the video?

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