month of 70’s gpms: mary had a little lamb (paul mccartney)

hello, and welcome to one of the biggest search terms that lead people to my blog. don’t know why, of course.

okay, okay, so this one was released only in the UK. but how many times do you need someone telling you how amazing jet is, or maybe i’m amazed, or even another seriously guilty pleasure of mine, helen wheels?  i’ve already yammered on about venus and mars/rock show.  so i figured i’d take a little meander, again, off the beaten 1970s paul mccartney output track.

the first time i ever heard mccartney’s musical ode to mary, girl with the crazy, clingy sheep, i was watching a TV special called james paul mccartney. i must have been about eight years old, but it made a HUGE impression on me. for years afterward, i would anxiously scan the TV Guide, hoping it would be rebroadcast. and occasionally, it was, at some bizarre hour. i would set my alarm clock, wake up at aforementioned odd hour, and watch it, all the while bemoaning the fact that i had no way of recording it. (this was before the days of VCRs, kiddies. yes, i’m that old.) sure, there was a bizarre number where paul was singing and dancing with a group of half-men/half women split down their middles that i didn’t care much for. but the rest of the music was great, and i especially looked forward to mary had a little lamb.

fast forward about twenty or thirty years.

meet wreke the mom. i would sing this song to my babies. and i would be thrilled listening to them attempt to sing along with me. little babies, you see, can muster the la la parts. the only problem: mom always got teary toward the end of the song, much to the babies’ confusion. the teacher always turns the lamb away, much to the children’s (and the lamb’s) dismay.

But the lamb loved Mary so,
the eager children cry,
And Mary loves the lamb, you know,
the teacher did reply.

mom always loves her little singing lambs.

5 thoughts on “month of 70’s gpms: mary had a little lamb (paul mccartney)

  1. Wow! Something from Sir Paul that I have not heard of seen. Thanks so much for that. I love these early music videos. Here again is a Beatles spouse doing something odd in the background (although the blind knitting in Instant Karma takes the prize for most bizarre).

  2. This was new to me too! How cool! Every time I see Linda now, I feel a renewed sadness for Paul that he lost her (especially in light of his subsequent romances/marriage/divorce). And to think how we used to make fun of her ‘tagging along’ all the time in his band.

  3. Mean Laurie kind of wanted to see them flip that boat.

    How cute was that? Never even heard of it. And “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Venus and Mars/Rockshow” are two of my favorites.

  4. believe me — the jealousy i felt for linda, i would have easily flipped that boat, too. at least, a long time ago, i think. now, i’m older, and i see what he had with her. i’m sad for him.

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