egregious '80's music: heartbeat (don johnson)

i know what you’re thinking: good G-d. we’ve already sat through eddie murphy and bruce willis, wreke. now this?

lordy lordy.  it’s sonny crockett doing a clips show! or is it? well, it looks like sonny crockett doing some sort of stylized miami vice clips show, but in fact, it is just don johnson singing about a heartbeat.  is someone going into code blue? is he an anti-abortion activist? is he looking through the wreckage of a disaster, looking for survivors?

look at that intensity of feeling! look at that perfect hair! look at that sweet suit. look at that… DEAR LORD, it’s a KEY CHANGE!

seriously, there are so many shades of wrong in this effort that it’s hard to know how to start…or even whether to. it doesn’t matter that johnson has recruited all sorts of heavy hitters into his musical sphere (dicky betts, tom petty, etc.) he even has dweezil zappa and his little gumby green guitar, but it doesn’t matter. in short: this dog can’t sing.

johnson actually made a second album somewhere along the line. fortunately, it isn’t something i have ever heard. i suspect it was DOA anyway.

3 thoughts on “egregious '80's music: heartbeat (don johnson)

  1. I remember when this came out and the radio stations played it all the time. The music was great… just get rid of the singing… please oh please. No, really…. please!!

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