egregious '80's songs: c'est la vie (robbie nevil)

i’m screaming, and i don’t know WHY!

(no, he’s not a spelling-impaired relative of  those nevilles.)

robbie nevil knows his way around a pop hook — he has spent time writing for the pointer sisters, el debarge, babyface, and such. in 1986, he shared this hook-laden ditty with the world; and lo and behold, it became his one-hit wonder. the song makes me wonder — it meanders pointlessly, tunelessly, and employs people shouting THAT’S LIFE! as a last-ditch effort to get someone to notice that this here song is going on. i’ve listened to death metal and colicky babies that hurt my head less.

you watch the video and you ponder what the high concept was. hmmm… a demolition crew meets the cast of the grapes of wrath? was it also a set for a fruit of the loom wifebeater commercial? if video killed the radio star, then i think idiocy like this killed the video star.

oh, and to bring it all home — apparently, nevil is somehow connected with the hannah montana and high school music efforts. that alone pretty much seals the deal for me. anyone leading my children down a path of musical ruin is probably not going to be my pal.

that’s life.

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