egregious '80's music: you and i (eddie rabbitt and crystal gale)

this goes out to my peeps from the Toms River North Class of ’83.

when i was a senior in high school, there was so much to think about: college, life after high school, getting the hell away from my hometown, and just which song would be our prom theme. the year before, our prom theme was open arms by journey, an acceptable, if not predictable, ditty. this year, i hoped it would be different. i was thinking it would be nice to shake things up. i went to our senior class meeting, hoping against hope that we could do something different. a few classmates and i had the thought: how about i wanna be sedated?

as you can imagine, that went down like a lead balloon.

in its stead, just you and i was voted in.

(no, i’m not bitter. much.)

for starters, they sing a grammatically incorrect phrase: it should be just you and me. that always tweaked me a bit.

but the song is such melodramatic pap. legend has it, neither rabbitt nor gayle ever intended the song to be a duet; in fact, it is said that the song was recorded and then spliced together. (talk about your drama.) frankly, it puts me to sleep.

so here i go again, indicting a song that probably has ended up a popular wedding song. it probably won’t make me popular, i suspect. i certainly wasn’t in high school, so this probably changes nothing…

plus que ca change, plus que cÒ€ℒest la meme chose.

8 thoughts on “egregious '80's music: you and i (eddie rabbitt and crystal gale)

  1. Oh…I did like that song when it came out. But I was in Jr. High then, I was just discovering lyrics and music. What did I know then? πŸ˜‰

  2. I can’t actually remember my prom song (or a great deal else about that evening). Even though it’s not particularly country-style in itself, the presence of Crystal Gayle has it linked firmly with the old-style country cra…music that my dad listened/listens to. Definitely not on my top 100 love songs.

  3. i just can’t go one november without insulting your poor dad, can i, scott? based on the person you are, i suspect he is a really sweet and terrific person. i’m sorry if i end up inadvertently trashing something he likes every november.

  4. No, you pretty much hit that one on the head. πŸ™‚ I did hint that his music was, shall we say, NOT at the top of my favorite styles, right?

    Although that does remind me of a time when a friend’s dad was dissing truck drivers, motorcyclists and women drivers and my friend said, “You do realize you just insulted Scott’s entire family in a single sentence, right?”

  5. I was just telling my BS about our prom theme debacle on Saturday night! Do you remember we first wanted I Loved These Days by Billy Joel, but the advisors dinged it because it mentioned drugs? Sebouh and I really missed you when we danced to Sedated at the reunion — I may have to dig it up on ITunes and dance in your honor later on. Still one of my all time favorite songs… thanks for the memories!

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