egregious '80's music: (i just) died in your arms tonight (cutting crew)

i just died in your arms tonight… must’ve been something i ate.

as an english major, i am qualified to tell you that sex and death is a common theme in literature (especially among those crazy victorians.) any one of us card-carrying bores devourers of writing across the ages can probably cite poems, such as john donne’s the flea, which link the concept of sex with death. (you can read all about it and figure it out. my masters isn’t in lit, so that’s about as far as i’ll take you.)

thus, the modern-day variation on this theme, (i just) died in your arms tonight by that one-hit wonder cutting crew produced in 1986 pretty much treads on familiar ground. sadly, the lyrics aren’t even a third as clever as those words by donne. in fac, the wuss who sings the song is probably damned lucky he got laid considering his pathetic turn of phrase.

and don’t get me started on the overblown synth orchestra. oh, i could hardly stand the crap that some bands, like OMD, emitted — all those machines to sound like violins, all those cold sounds that are somehow meant to sound warm and meaningful. don’t get me wrong – i like synthesizers when they’re used properly. but songs like  IJDIYAT make me wonder who out there actually could relate to the feeling of the song. the execution is poor.

one-hit wonder coincidence? i think not.

i grade this one an F.

4 thoughts on “egregious '80's music: (i just) died in your arms tonight (cutting crew)

  1. Haven’t thought of this song in 4 million years, and I have to admit, I never changed the lyrics that way — but now that’s all I’ll be able to think of! “Must’ve been something I ate” — brilliant.

    I really hate when a guy refers to himself in a song as “boy.” And yet he’s right, because “man” doesn’t seem right, either.

    Thanks for the giggles, Wreke!

  2. TOTALLY an F!! Good choice for this week. I couldn’t figure out why people liked that song. Could it have been 1/2 a hit wonder?

  3. Oof. This is another one that gets stuck in my head, in a most uncomfortable way. (Kind of like a mental wedgie.)

    I have my own lyrics for this, similar to yours. It’s all about morning breath: “(tastes like) something died in my mouth last night, must have been something I ate…”

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