egregious '80's music: you belong to the city (glen frey)

glen frey could do so much better than this.

during the mid-1980s, you could do a lot worse than live in miami. i disagreed, of course, and moved back to NJ; but in the time i lived in coral gables (an affluent suburb of my ami, my miami), miami vice was white-hot on TV.  rumors would float about as to where the miami vice people were shooting in town.  i suspect if any of us ever actually fell upon don johnson or phillip michael thomas johnny bob, we would have probably died or at least turned to dust (a dust which probably would have ended up snorted up someone’s nose in miami. those were how those times rolled.)

glen frey wrote this song for an episode of miami vice. now, i like glen frey as much as the next person; he, of new kid in town and tequila sunrise (just to mention two — there are so many, many others.) but you belong to the city sounds like a bad poem from the high school literary magazine.

‘Cause you belong to the city
You belong to the night
Livin’ in a river of darkness
Beneath the neon lights

You were born in the city
Concrete under your feet
It’s in your moves, it’s in your blood
You’re a man of the streets


anyway, after it’s appearance on the show (and the subsequent soundtrack LP, which did very well), the song ultimately became the bed for an incredibly annoying pepsi commercial starring don johnson and glen frey. (but of course.)  the joy continued.

this is just a case of a man who i knew could do so, so, SO much better.

this song belonged in the trashcan.

7 thoughts on “egregious '80's music: you belong to the city (glen frey)

  1. The annoying thing about this one, besides the lyrics, is that the song/video is nearly 6 minutes long, yet nothing of import occurs after the couple gets together at 3:28. (I expected a conflict of some sort.) Why over 2 more minutes without even a new verse to liven things up?

  2. we probably did, only we didn’t know it. i used to walk past the law school back to rosborough all. the. time. i would have been the annoying freshman who actually had books in her hands, reading them as she walked, nearly falling into lake osceola.

  3. Ya know, this song was really cool. I was raised in Las Vegas, ans still live there. This song reminded me of my town, then and now. Glenn Frey’s take on life in the big city was spot on, even though he was referring to Miami. Let’s face it–Miami Vice and Don Johnson were HOTT back in the day. The crossover from the song to showing clips of MV was cool, and so was the Pepsi commercial that came from it. I had DJ all over my room and locker in high school. I’d still do him. LOL

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