everything counts

in large amounts.

it’s almost a new year for red sea pedestrian types, so why not make a resolution? and hey, you don’t have to be a red sea pedestrian to get on this train, anyway.

i want to feel healthier. i want to feel better. i struggle with my health issues, and i realize that i need to be even stronger and tougher, as things are not getting any easier in life.

so here are my new year’s resolutions, and i hope i keep to the plan:

1) eat cleaner, simpler foods. sure, i can have a cheat meal now and again, but i need to eat better. no one else in this house needs to be following this regime, though it certainly would be beneficial for them. but i need to lay off their cookies and yummy stuff. and if i bite it, i’d better write it down. everything counts (in large amounts.) goal one: one cheat meal/week.

2) work out. i don’t need tiger dad at the gym to guilt me into coming back. and there will be days when i can’t get to the community center gym, so i just need to walk or run or do something else. if i don’t do it right after i take the boy to school, i never do it. so i need to kick my own ass and do something. and i know it’s boring, but some of these workouts must be weight training ones. goal one: as many as 5 days/week.

3) try to be more positive. (i know, i know, this coming from little miss self deprecation.) try to be less snarky. maybe it will rub off on my kids! seriously, this might be key.

anyway, i will try my best to not become pollyanna-ish ( could you see me doing that, anyway? really?) but i may start to chronicle my journey here.

and if anyone else is doing something similar, i could do with the support. feel free to weigh in (ha! i slay myself sometimes) in the comments. tips, workout mix suggestions, hell, anything as long as it is positive, feel free.

good ideas and wishes all count. especially in large amounts.

4 thoughts on “everything counts

  1. I’m with you, sister! Fourth week of recovery from my gall bladder operation, and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, as far as starting to exercise again.

    And I have learned that *anything* with fat and some nasty perservatives is going to cause tummy troubles.

    Let’s not forget that I also need to continue on my weightloss journey – say another 80 lbs or so.

    Finally, I need to be around for Zach for as long as possible.

    So yeah, how about we check in on each other every so often?


  2. I’m right behind you, Sher! I need to get BACK on the exercise train (dealing with physical therapy issues on hamstring though making running unwise).

    This may not be an option for you, but ultimately I found that the only reliable time for me to do my workout was before anyone else was up (e.g., 5:30 or even 5 AM). Once my day was started, there was no way to fit in even a brief workout, much less a GOOD one, until after the kids went to bed – and I’m generally not in the mood to do physical work at that hour. The big key item for me: Whatever time you pick – commit to it. It’s a scheduled part of your day; what you do at that hour whether you feel like it or not (outside of health considerations).

    Good luck – I’m rooting for ya!

  3. thanks for the tip! and leah, you’re on! i am writing my food down on myfitnesspal.com, and my goal is to workout right after i drop the boy off at school!!!

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