hateful songs: “let her in” (john travolta)

three words: kill. me. now.

criticizing ’70s music is like shooting fish in a barrel. i did it for one month and still have stuff left over. how i passed over john travolta’s star turn is beyond me. middlebro is probably smiling right now reading this, as i think this would make it up there on his list of awful ’70s songs. (he’s like the ultimate curator of ’70s music.)

travolta was at the height of his teen heartthrob time, as he played vinnie barbarino in welcome back kotter. teenybopper wreke never thought he was cute, but i did want my hair to feather back off my face like his did.  i’m impressed that they took a chance on him and let him sing in the movie grease; this piece of musical drivel would be a career-killer for most. luckily for travolta, his career survived this song.

wonder if it can survive his alleged massage issues?

anyway, in 1976, i suspect a lot of people must have been high. how else could this song chart?

he sounds better when you don’t take his singing seriously. like here, for example.

it had a good beat, but, like let her in, you can’t dance to it.

2 thoughts on “hateful songs: “let her in” (john travolta)

  1. Why they every let Travolta sing, I will never understand. Or Clint Eastwood. Or Lee Majors. Fun post, enjoyed listening 🙂

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