hateful songs: “stand back” (stevie nicks)

very few songs make me change a radio station faster than this one does.

now, before you go nuts because i’m not loving something by stevie flowy dress nicks, know that i love a lot of her songs, both from fleetwood mac and even solo.  i think she is an amazing, inspirational gift to the planet. i even love the story (is it true? who knows) behind how this song was written. (apparently, nicks was on a honeymoon when she heard little red corvette, which inspired her to write this song. she called up prince (because apparently, all famous people have other famous people on speed dial, doncha know), who came down to the studio and played the synth in this song. he is uncredited for that, though i think he has a songwriting credit for this song. and then poof! he finished his work and left.)

but all i can hear when this song plays is that synth, sounding like relentless bullets into my head. it actually hurts to listen to it. that, of course, and the feeling i get that i am listening to a loop, a never-ending, whining loop. i have to get away from this before my head starts to cave in on itself. (oh wait — am i confusing this song with edge of seventeen? that’s possible. those two songs are the two songs i really, truly, cannot abide from ms. nick’s work… but nope. in this case, i really do mean stand back.)

okay. it’s a toss-up. i can’t stand either song.  i think i’ll listen to some actual prince instead.

or better yet, this.


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